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I'm American myself, and I realize that most people in the US and Canada have trouble visualizing the situation I'm witness to in this country. We're not talking about being unable to take a vacation or go out to eat, or having to put off buying a new coat. Imagine having your electricity or phone cut off every other month, being seriously behind in the rent and trying to figure out how you're going to buy groceries to feed the kids when your checking account is already overdrawn and you have to find some way to cover that too! Meanwhile, the oldest boy's shoes are torn and your daughter just broke her glasses. You, yourself, need some serious dental work and have only one, tattered suit which you try to keep patched. The soles of your own shoes have holes in them...but the kids come first.

This is no exaggeration. I personally know people in situations like this...I'm not making up the examples. Of course, I won't name names...but I could.

For all too many families, this is what life is like. Ahavas Chesed's volunteers feel privileged to be able to do something to help...personally raising funds and helping distribute them. It's not nearly enough.

Many times, when asking someone for a donation, you are given the name of yet another destitute family that person knows of. You write down the information and wonder how and where you can find the means to do something about it. Then you go out and try some more. Somehow, giving up doesn't seem like an option.


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