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Who are we?

The original organizers are members of a small congregation in the Seattle Area, who live in Israel and the U.S. As we are acutely aware of the situation in Israel, we decided to take action. Over time, other concerned individuals have joined our ranks.

The fund was set up to distribute cash directly to needy families. Rabbies on the scene in Israel, and who are affiliated with the Congregation, discretely investigate the financial situation of each family we help. Everything is done by volunteers. We pay no salaries and rent no office space. Overhead is held close to zero so that funds can go to the people they're intended for. Even this Web site was donated. If you feel you can offer any services to help the cause, please use our Contact Form

What do we do?

Ahavas Chesed distributes cash, monthly, to families in need. Obviously, this is a tremendous undertaking and there's only one way we can do it...lot's of people giving very small amounts. This creates a stable, monthly cash flow. While it might be true that such an important cause merits large contributions which will, of course, be gratefully accepted, the importance of modest, monthly donations should not be underestimated. Why

The primary reason is that we need to allot a specific amount to each family. We can only do that consistently if we know how much will come in each month Another factor is stability. Not everyone can sustain regular, large donations, but anyone can afford $5.00 - $10.00 a month. So, if you feel that a substantial donation is appropriate for you, please help according to your ability. But remember that, if you don't happen to be in such a position at the moment, a very effective way to provide reliable, ongoing assistance to a family in distress is to sign up for a small, personal monthly donation and use our Referral Form to inform your friends and family members of this vital project. Together, we can make it work

Please help You won't miss such a small amount and your donation will provide vital aid to a desperately needy family in Israel. It just takes a minute or two to make a difference. To start helping, just click here now


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