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Israel's Crushing Poverty...

Many families in Israel can't afford the basics! Children are going to bed hungry or eating bread fried in cooking oil! The situation is getting worse.  Consider some of these facts:

  • 1.63 million people in Israel are living below the poverty level!
  • Almost 800,000 of them are children!
  • Government austerity programs have hit the poorest people the hardest.
  • Unemployment is high and benefits are limited.
  • Social programs have been cut.
  • Some families can't feed their children.
  • Some can't pay their rent.
  • Homeowners are being evicted by mortgage companies.
  • Children are being sent home for failure to pay tuition.
  • National Health Insurance doesn't cover everything.
  • What about clothes for the kids...or a toy or two?
  • The list goes on.


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